Does Beach Security offer both personal protections and asset security?

Yes, we offer a full range of personal protection and asset security options. Beach Security has the training and experience to protect you and your family, to include personal protection (body guard services) for corporate and employee services and entertainers, athletes and politicians. Visit our Protective Services page for more information.

Does Beach Security offer investigative services too?

We do offer investigative services but those are handled via our other website, BeachInvestigations.com. Please visit the Beach Investigations website for more information about our available investigative services. You may also contact us with more information about your investigative needs, and a Beach Security investigative personnel will get back to you soon to discuss the details, and how we can help.

Does Beach Security offer workplace violence training and/or protective services?

The training staff at Beach Security can provide your business with workplace violence training. With over 25 years training in law enforcement and speaking at civil and corporate events, the level of training your employees receive from a Beach Security professional is second to none. Need more details? Contact us today for more information.

Is Beach Security currently hiring for employment?

At Beach Security, we are always looking to consider adding new security professionals to our team. If you are interesting in applying for a security position with Beach Security, visit our Employment Opportunities page for more details, and complete our online employment application.

What options do you offer for home security and surveillance?

Beach Security offers home security and security assessments to protect your home and business with video and control lighting to make your home safe and secure. We offer several options for surveillance cameras, including fixed cameras, dome cameras, outdoor cameras and hidden cameras. Beach Security assures your cameras are strategically placed interior, and exterior, of your home, to provide you the highest levels of peace of mind. Beach Security provides you live streaming video of your property, 24/7, anytime, from any remote location.

At Beach Security, we use only the most advanced technology available to protect your home and business assets. Learn more about Beach Security home security services by visiting our Home Security page on this website.

What type of services does Beach Security offer?

Beach Security offers a full range of uniform security services, protective services, home security services, and related protective and security training. We provide services for individuals, attorneys, corporations, and insurance companies. We are close affiliates of local financial institutions, local law enforcement, and federal FBI, DEA and Secret Service agents.

Beach Security is committed to provide you unmatched confidence, security and peace of mind. We accomplish this by adhering to the highest professional standards in the industry.

What type of business is Beach Security?

Beach Security, a registered SWAM company, offers a full range of uniform security and protective services, including home security, video surveillance, and training and certifications for security professionals. The founder of Beach Security is a 27 year veteran of the Virginia Beach Police Department.

Beach Security is registered with eVA, and SAM to provide services to State and Federal contracts. Beach Security is affiliated with ASIS, PIAVA, Virginia Beach Hotel Motel Association, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. Learn more about Beach Security services.

Can I work as a private security guard without being certified with DCJS?

Yes, you can work as an unarmed security guard for 30 days while enrolled in a certified DCJS class for unarmed security. Although, Beach Security requires that you possess the DCJS Certification and have completed first aid, CPR, and AED training before working for clients of Beach Security.

Visit the Beach Security Training page for more details about training and certifications. Looking for a job? You may apply for employment with Beach Security by completing our online employment application.

How does Beach Security handle my personal information, and protect my identity?

Beach Security follows strict guidelines, in regards to personal information. All case information and employee files are maintained for three years, as mandated by the State of Virginia. Beach Security does not sell, nor share, your information with any third party. We cooperate fully with DCJS officials and those members of law enforcement. If you would like to discuss our privacy standards in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

How much does Beach Security charge for protective and security services, and training services?

In general, our fees for security and protective services depend on the work task required by the security personnel. We focus on the specific needs of our clients and tailor and customize our service packages to meet those needs. If you want a security guard on a regular basis, discounts are provided. Also, a determining factor in pricing is whether the security guard is armed, or unarmed.

Beach Security personnel are available via phone, or email, to discuss the details of your security needs, and answer any questions you may have regarding our services, or pricing. Contact us with the details of your security needs, so that we may create the best pricing package for your specific situation.

Does Beach Security have any references available?

Yes, we do have references available for your review. Upon request, we will provide references for security work completed for current and prior clients. We are also listed with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. We carry an A+ rating.

Do you have a local office that I can meet you for an appointment?

Yes, we have two Beach Security office locations. Our main office is located in Virginia Beach, in Hampton Roads, Virginia and we have a satellite office location in Arlington, Virginia. Our security professionals are standing by to assist you with your needs. Contact us to schedule an office appointment today.