In today’s world of instability and the lurking daily concerns, and possible perils, we all want to protect our family and our assets. We have to worry about all sorts of dangers, from the smaller scale home burglary, to the larger scale of a threat of weapons of mass destruction event. At Beach Security, we offer personal protective services, corporate asset and employee protection options, security and vulnerability assessments, and home security products that offer peace of mind.

Beach Security offers a variety of asset protection options keep your most valuable assets safe. Our comprehensive and immediate asset protection security services are designed to specifically to give you the maximum protection for your personal property, employees and executives. Hard assets require time and investment to acquire. Make sure you protect those assets from theft or damage.

Let Beach Security help you achieve the highest level of protection for your home, or business. Our quality uniform security guards are standing by, ready protect and maintain your assets. Browse below to learn more about how Beach Security keeps your family and corporate assets safe.

Our Protective Service Specialties

Personal Protective Services: Whether you are an executive, entertainer, athlete, or political figure, you and your clients may be faced with an unprotected risk. Beach Security understands that some clients require that extra added assurance and protection. Individuals exposed to a high degree of risk need a high degree of protection.

Beach Security provides personal protection services that keep people safe from the threats of obvious dangers that come along with being exposed to the public.

Our security professionals protect celebrities, political figures, foreign dignitaries, corporate executives and other elevated-risk individuals. We are here to serve and protect.

Commonly requested Beach Security services and protective services include:

  • Residential and corporate protections
  • High net worth individuals
  • Personal, and international, travel chaperones
  • Celebrities, entertainers, and movie set casts
  • Church and business leaders

Beach Security provides security services at the highest level of experience and security expertise. We are committed to protecting our clients with unparalleled service. Contact Beach Security for all your personal protection needs. We are standing by to serve and protect. Corporate Asset & Employee Protections: corporate-asset-protectionThe next most valuable thing to protect besides your family is your personal and corporate assets. Assets and product protection is the foundation of safety. If you own a company, you are more in need of a protection plan, and strategy to maintain those protections to the fullest extent. Remember, if your home, or business, is vulnerable – then you are vulnerable.

Secrets, both personal and professional, are overheard, stolen, sold and traded and manipulated every day by people with information access. These everyday spies could be your employees, volunteers, spouses, or even significant others. Matter of fact, the bad guys can be just about anyone you come in contact with, corporate and personal. The high cost of information loss could mean the difference between winning and losing, to the extreme of financial success, or a catastrophic breach of security events that could lead a business owner down the road to bankruptcy.

Our professional staff is well-trained and experienced in protecting government, business and personal assets from threat. The Beach Security approach is simple and effective. We assist you in the development of safeguard protocols and training to counter these everyday threats. Should a leak of information be suspected, our team of security investigators will be dispatched to determine the source, and assess the damages.

Beach Security professionals specialize in the following corporate protections:

  • Cargo and maritime protection
  • Distribution and manufacturing facilities
  • Construction site protection
  • City, state and federal government contracts
  • Commercial office buildings
  • College and university campuses
  • Events, hotels and restaurants
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Employee Terminations
  • Convention security and loss prevention
  • Senior executives and corporate leaders

A good precautionary measure, to help maximize the chances to avoid corporate asset loss, is to utilize mitigation measures. The goal of asset security and protection is to control the damage to both your reputation and finances. Contact Beach Security today and request our security vulnerability assessment services, and see where you stand.[/fusion_tab]

security-assessmentConducting a security assessment is sure way to determine which, and to what degree, security controls are correctly implemented, and their effectiveness. Having Beach Security conduct a vulnerability assessment will uncover whether you have the level of security that you need, and desire, and where you may be vulnerable. We can then discuss a strategic plan for you to achieve a comfortable level of security for you assets.

We offer professional security assessments, to help you understand where you stand, and we provide you the security services you need to make the proper decisions to make you feel that your assets are safe and secure. Beach Security vulnerability assessments are focused to determine the weaknesses in security systems that could be exploited.

Without security and vulnerability assessments, and adjustments, as needed, the potential exists that the building and other structures are open for attacks, and burglaries. A successful breach in security would result in corporate, and personal, loss to the business in materials, product and time spent to repair and rebuild, and would have a negative psychological impact on corporate leadership, employee workforce, if not cause further negative implications.

Need a professional, and reliable company to conduct a security vulnerability assessment? Contact Beach Security to complete the task, so you can stay focused and attend to your family, home and business. If, instead, you are specifically interested in our home security products, please visit our home security page for more details.