Security Guards

Want to Be a Security Guard?

If you are interested in becoming a uniform security guard, or are already a guard seeking employment, or additional training, or have any questions. Contact Beach Security, if you need armed or unarmed security guard services contact Beach Security to discuss the details.  Our security experts are ready to assist you with your security needs.

Need Security Guard Services?

Complete the contact form below and one of our Security Supervisors will advise you on the services we provide.
Whether you are looking for asset protection in placement of a security guards (armed or unarmed), or electronic surveillance (video cameras), or if you are seeking professional security training in pursuit of a job in the field of security, Beach Security can help. The Best Beach Security guards are trained to conduct background checks, physical security audits, programs implementation, and more.
Our professionally trained and certified security guards are available to help guard and protect your family, personal and corporate assets, employee protections, and other select securities and protections. We offer both security guards for hire and security training curriculum for those seeking employment opportunities in career positions in the security industry.

Security Guard Protection Services

We provide training to our officers in areas that are specialized to meet the standards of federal, state, and local government. You can be assured that Beach Security officers are properly educated, and quite competent professionals.
Our quality selection process is quite competitive, maximizing the quality and effectiveness of our security graduates. With the services of a Beach Security armed guard, you can be assured that you are under the safety and protection of a high quality professional.
Security Training Services
Are you looking for a solid job in a stable, growing industry? Or, maybe you are looking to make a transition from law enforcement, military, police work, or even a non-related security profession to the private sector? You have come to the right place.
Beach Security can provide you all of the training you need to help you launch your new career, and even can help you with job placement after program graduation. Beach Security offers the complete curriculum and security services training necessary to help you achieve your educational goals.

Need Security Guard Protection Services?

If you are in need of an armed, or unarmed, guard from an upcoming event, or other situation, contact Beach Security to discuss the details. Our security experts are ready to assist, and help create the security protection package to fit your specific needs. Contact Beach Security for more information.