Security Services

Beach Security provides security protection services for businesses, government and corporate entities.  Our services include Permanent, Temporary, Emergency and Fire Watch protection.  Our work force consists of armed and unarmed guards, off-duty police officers and professional concierge service providers.  Our guards are trained to be adaptable to any situation and environment.  Our watch never ends we are available 24/7 365 days a year to ensure you are provided the highest level of protection and security.

Beach Security Guards are some of the highly trained in the industry.  Not only do our guards receive the minimum training standards but they are also provided with additional course:

  1. Basic Emergency Services exposure
  2. Law-Enforcement Deterrence to Terrorist Acts
  3. Understanding and planning for school incidents
  4. Crisis Management
  5. Events Risk Management
  6. Workplace Violence
  7. Emergency Incident Response
  8. Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  9. De-Escalation
  10. First Aid, CPR and AED.

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Executive Protection Services

Beach Security provides the highest standards in the executive protection for individuals, entertainers, religious and political clients.  Beach Security Instructors have decades of training experience in both law-enforcement and special forces.  We train the trainers in this industry.  Our Protection Specialist receive advanced handgun training only available to a select few in this industry.  If you or your client wishes to be protected by the best contact Beach Security. Our experienced Federal Agents, and Special Forces employees are available for travel and protection anywhere you need us.   

Security Assessments

Beach Security Investigators and Lead Executive Protection Agents provide a service unlike all others.  We provide Threat/Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Analysis.  Beach Security can manage Vulnerability and Threats.  All facilities face certain levels of risk to various threats. Be it loss of property or threats from the result of natural events, accidents or intentional acts.  Regardless of the type of threat associated to your business Beach Security can provide management processes to reduce those liabilities.  If Security is a high priority for your business you need to contact Beach Security to have your buildings, personnel, and assets analyzed to mitigate threats, losses and possible injury.